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INOSYS is a company based on a rapidly growing high-tech technology field, and we promise to tear down the wall between digital and reality through implementation of the high-tech technology such as development of Augmented Reality (VR), Virtual Reality (VR), Machine Learning (ML), and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

about us

We are a group of experts, which is made up of marketers, designers, brand strategists, content creators, and engineers.
Our team was founded based on Accentive established in 2004 and creates high values by understanding our
customer’s marketing needs and cooperating closely. Our team has accumulated our experience in Samsung
Electronics' global studios and showcases for many years so that we have performed various activities across the globe.

  • Digital Marketer

  • Designer

  • Brand Strategist

  • Contents Creator

  • Engineer

our services

  • Strategic plan design and consulting for exhibition spaces and retail store solutions
AR/VR Contents
  • Development of VR and AR & Creation of realistic image content
  • Creation of 360º content – Programs of 360º video and interactive application
  • Development of a real-time rendering game and app engine
  • CGI and Animation
Digital Marketing
  • Fans' participation in and sharing solution of social media (Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram)
IT Services
  • Development and design of a mobile app for AI and MR application
  • Camera filter and a social sharing app

our history

  • 20
    • Acquisition of venture company certification
    • Development of Kickbic as a Smart fitness solution
    • Participation in Exhibition of EMS Chicago 2020
  • 19
    • Support and installation for Samsung Electronics Exhibition such as CES, IFA, and MWC
    • Selection as a business provider for start-up support
    • Designation as a promising small and medium-sized export company
    • Selection as a business provider for export voucher
    • Development of Healing VR as the Psychotherapy content
  • 18
    • Installation of the immersive solution at CES, IFA and MWC booth of Samsung in the Pyeongchang Winte
    • Russia world cup
    • NY Macys Promotion
  • 17
    • Support and installation for exhibition such as CES, IFA and MWC of Samsung Electronics
    • Selection as a partner of HAKUHODO ADK (Japan)
    • Frankfurt showcase
    • Basel world 2017
  • 16
    • Establishment of Innovation system
    • Selection as a partner of Samsung Electronics and Cheil Worldwide
    • Support for the Samsung showcase at Brazil Rio Olympics

our history

  • 삼성
  • 제일기획
  • 하쿠호도
  • ADK
  • 맥키니
  • 건국대학교

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